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Wilhelm-Becker - Montageteile

Assembly parts

The assembly process is based on your individual specifications. Whether this is going to be a single operation, a semi-automatic or an automatic production process will depend on the batch sizes of the relevant parts. We are committed to giving you the most efficient solution.

Bonding methods:

  • Welding
    • TIG
    • Plasma
    • Spot
  • Riveting
    • by compression
    • hollow riveting
  • Grout injection
    • injection nuts
    • threaded studs
    • studs
Tool holder
Befestigungshebel mit Gewinde
Mounting lever with thread
Feder mit Rolle und Stift
Spring with pulley and nib
Halteklammer mit Bolzen
Retaining clip with stud
Klammer mit zwei Bolzen
Clip with two studs
Zugfeder Hebemechanik
Tension spring with lifting mechanism